Dear Guest,

We are delighted that you have selected HD|F Vacation Home! 
On behalf of the entire team at HD|F, we extend you a very warm welcome and trust your stay with us will be comfortable and one of many memorable experiences in Fiji.

Should you require any assistance or have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are at HD|F property 24/7. 

Vinaka vakalevu! (Thank you very much)
HD|F Management.


We only recommend Coastal Rentals: Please contact Jeral (Operations Manager) direct: coastalrentalcar@connect.com.fj as we are a priority customer & their main base is only 5 mins away if you have any trouble or are not happy with your type of vehicle.
We also advise as a minimum choice of vehicle the Kia or Hyundai SUV which is normally priced at FJ$180 per day which includes insurance with a FJ$2500 excess and taxes however is not 4WD but has the necessary ground clearance.

HD|F has available for rent direct a 4WD Ford Ranger Diesel Pick Up Double Cab, manual, -5 seater- (picture) FJ$150/day which includes insurance with a FJ$1500 excess which will cover you in all situations getting around Fiji and particularly getting you up the private access road to the villa when wet. Free service which includes early check in however there is a fuel charge as per contract.

NOTE. More info about Heavensdoor road update, please follow the link.

*Turn right departing Nadi Airport heading south to Sigatoka town.
*Turn right at roundabout at Sigatoka town going over the Sigatoka River heading towards Suva. Approx 10 min drive, turn left at the next roundabout at Korotogo.
*You will pass The Outrigger Resort on your right, then go through Malevu Village and we are just around the corner, after the little bridge.
*Look for the white mile maker post 101/1 Queens Hwy on your left, driveway next on left and just drive straight up to Villa “Lomalagi” (last house on top), villa will be ready for your arrival.
*Once inside, you will find your cell phone in a basket on the brochures desk, please call us and we will be ready to meet you and assist with settling in.


We kindly ask you to take the following information into account:

CHECK-IN At 4.00pm

This is large home and we cater to many large groups, we required a minimum of 6 hrs to clean between check in and check out. Villa Lomalagi at HD|F is a self catering vacation rental home and not a resort.
If you require an 'Early Check-In' you will need to discuss with management prior to your arrival.
Note: If you need an early check in, please inquire. Additional charges apply 50% of normal rate from 10am to 4pm.

At check-in, you will receive:
*2 sets of keys to Villa “Lomalagi” (one set with key to security cupboard in master suite)
*Internet stick for laptop – Vodafone prepay
*Mobile phone - Vodafone and charger (phone will be already recharged with FJ$11 credit for your convenience and will be charged to guests at end of stay).

Groceries and Supplies:
If you are arriving very early or late at night, we offer a service to pick up some supplies to get you started for FJ$50 plus cost of  items. Ask about our 'Shopping Service'.

CHECK-OUT Strictly by 10am
If you are flying out later in the day, there are a number of activities and sights to see to fill in your day otherwise additional charges will apply to late check-outs.
If you require a 'Late Check-Out' you will need to discuss with management prior to your arrival.
The day before you check-out we will give you your Final Account. Next morning, we will visit you 15 mins before leaving so we can do a walk through with you, return keys, cell phone/charger, internet stick and settle your account. 

Before departing, please: Wash and dry your dishes and put them away. Remove all rubbish from house to bins outside. 
Please make sure you do not forget anything at check out. Forgotten items are sent to the guests' address only at their request.
All possible complaints by guests shall be taken into account only if reported during the stay. All later claims shall be rejected.

WEEKLY CLEANING (9 days or more booked) 

You will need to vacate the house for the day by 8.00 am, so please plan an activity like an outer island tour or many of the other tours and activities that are available.
We will discuss with you which day is most appropriate for you.

Before leaving for the day, please:
-Wash and dry your dishes and put them away. 
-Remove rubbish from kitchen to outside bins.
-Outside cloths lines are empty and available for washing. 
-Keep your personal items away to make the cleaning easy.


Rubbish (general rubbish that we burn) and Recyclables (glass, cans and plastic bottles) should be in separate garbage bags.
Nappies should be in white shopping bags (a pink bucket at the Family room is specially for nappies).  
Place them in correct large bins at back of house for easy removal by staff. 
And remember, SAVE WATER every drop counts! 

Located in back courtyard of Villa Lomalagi and is also shared by surrounding properties.

Cell phone: Prepay
Available for guests plus FJ$11 charge card to get you started. (charge card will be charged to guests)
The cell phone is a Vodafone prepay phone and charge cards are available at Vodafone, Sigatoka town.
Please feel free to contact us at anytime during your stay as calls to us are free on this phone.
Note: All incoming calls to Fiji and in Fiji are free on this phone. Fiji country code for international incoming calls is 679.

Wireless Internet: Prepay
Our internet is also provided by Vodafone and you can top up online using your credit card or take devise to Vodafone, Sigatoka town and they will top up for you and get you started. This service is quite fast for web browsing, emailing and audio Skype.

Note: Please don’t remove Wi-Fi device from house under any circumstances.
CANDLES or Naked Flames
are not permitted inside house at any time. Each room has a smoke detectors.  
Easily flammable and explosive substances and materials, as well as objects with unpleasant odor are not allowed on Villa 'Lomalagi' / HD|premises.

are not permitted at HD|F for a number of reasons: fire hazard, horrible mutilations when handling low quality products and lastly, freaks out our horses and foals causing injury. 

Outside only, please use concealed ashtrays provided.

Make sure that all gas burner dials are turned off after use.

Hang towels on drying racks provided outside bathrooms after use. (Fresh clean towels and linens are only replaced mid stay for those staying more than 9 nights and mid stay cleaning will be stated in your quote. For those staying 9 nights or less, please wash at your own free will).
At no time and for any reason shall any items be removed from the premises which includes Blankets, Sheets, Bath towels, Cushions and any Kitchenware. Do not use dining room chair cushions, sofa cushions or mattresses for outdoor use.

FIJIAN FEAST (Dinner - see Menu below)
We require a min of 3 guests and at least 48 hrs notice or preferably before you arrive as buying the right fish is sometimes hard to come by.


Inquire at Rosie Tour Desk in The Outrigger Resort as they have an abundance of tours on offer for all scenarios.

RENTAL EQUIPMENT (prices per week or less)
Snorkel Gear: FJ$20 
Reef Shoes: FJ$15
Beach Towel: FJ$10 
Kids Life Vest: FJ$20 
Bucket & Spade Set: FJ$10 
Hammock: FJ$20 
Beach Chair: FJ$20
Stroller: FJ$20


We are on rainwater catchment only -so often, water needs to be transported- and we have solar hot water with electric thermostat back up.  
- Conserve water. Use water sparingly. Keep showers short.
- Make sure button is up on toilet after flushing and all taps are turned off properly after use.
- Report leaky facets or running toilets to HD|F Management.
- Do not flush tampons down the toilet. Use bin beside toilet.
- Do not allow children to play with outside tapes or hoses at anytime.

- Tank water is safe for cooking, rinsing, washing dishes & your coffee/tea.
- We recommend drinking bottled water only, while in Fiji.

- Washing machine in Sunset Bathroom. FJ$15 a load (honesty system). Will settle on check-out.
- Do not use bleach when washing the linen and towels provided by HD|F.


- Please contact HD|F Management before 3.00 pm to provide you with fire wood for bbq only.
- Do not use kitchen oven gloves on bbq plate (additional charges will apply)
- Close windows in kitchen, entry door, kitchen sliding glass door and upstairs Master suite windows when using BBQ. Otherwise you will fill the house with smoke. 


When leaving the house:
-Master-suite has lockable cabinet.
-Keep villa gates, ground floor doors/windows closed and locked.
-Keep all windows on second floor open just 1 inch, due to tropical storms which come without any notice even on the most sunniest days. Just remember, the Fijian weather is out of our hands. 
-Turn off all lights and fans not in use as we are an Eco Friendly Business.

Before going to bed:
-Keep villa gates closed and locked.
-Close windows in kitchen, entry door and sliding doors (fruit bats, mongoose, etc..).
-Turn off all outside lights as this attracts insects and toads which leave a horrible mess. 
-Rechargeable torch is for emergency use, for adults only and not a toy for children playing night games.

Non Paying Guests are not to be at Villa “Lomalagi” at any given time. 
If you really wish to experience the Fijians and their culture, we recommend you do so in their environment.
Accommodation at Villa “Lomalagi” is at your own risk. HD|F will not be responsible in the unlikely event of any loss, damage or injury sustained by our guests while staying in our vacation home.

Note: It is the initial renters responsibility to pass this information on to all guests who are staying at HD|F. If you have any queries or need any clarification regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to ask prior to your arrival.


Fijian Feast

Fijian Feast

The wonderful Fijian cooking is one of life's truly great pleasures and our Fijian Feast is an awesome experience of flavours and smells, cooked with ingredients such as Garlic, Ginger, Curry, Coconut, Chillies...
Enjoy this unforgettable experience in a magical setting. 

Fresh Tropical Fish Medallions (Marlin, Mahi-Mahi or Wahoo) cooked in "Lolo"

Coconut Flavoured Jasmine Rice

Chicken Curry (skinless and boneless)

Kumala (Sweet Potato) or Tavioka (Cassava)

Soy Lamb (boneless)

Dhal Dressing (Spicy)

“Lolo” Dressing (fresh coconut milk)

Fresh Chillies

US$25 per person / $12.50 for children

The Fijian Feast is made with fresh and locally produced products.
The Menu depends upon the products available at Sigatoka Market, seasonal products and the availability of the sea-food. Note: We will customize with you our Fijian Feast with options that suit your special dietary needs.

Our staff Litia will assist you during your Fijian Feast and her primary role will be to oversee the dinner.

Litia's responsibilities:
Litia’s arrival time at Villa “Lomalagi” is 3pm.
Floral arrangements and table settings.
Preparation and cooking of the Fijian Feast will be done in Villa “Lomalagi”.
Preparation and presentation of buffet at Villa “Lomalagi”.  Dinner starts at 6pm.
Clearing of table and packaging of leftovers.
Wash Fijian Feast’ dishes and storing them appropriately.
Litia will appreciate your feedback before her departure time (8pm-8.30pm).
Please note: Litia is not a waitress and does not serve food or drinks.

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