Start date: 15th November 2016

The works for rehabilitation and improvement of access road to our vacation rental have already started. 

The brand new Douglas Road linking Queens Hwy with vacation rental Villa Lomalagi, has been officially started today and will be opened to our future guests by HD|F Management and Staff asap to celebrate the event. 

The new concreted road will allow direct access from 101/1 Queens Hwy to HD|F, a spectacular exclusive hilltop property consisting of 50 acres sub-divided into 6 lots. 

Douglas Rd. has been delivered by FEA and Scott Lower, Manager Director of HD|F. Scott Lower, said: “Creating a new link from the white indicator post marked No.101/1 on the Queens Hwy is a vital part of the HD|F development, it puts this part of our vacation rental Villa Lomalagi on a completely different level in terms of the catchment which will have fast and easy access to our guests. Also, hiring a 4WD to drive the way up will not be necessary anymore.” 

Douglas Rd. opens up easy access with a 2WD for guests and visitors to be able to come direct into the lots and Villa Lomalagi which they haven’t previously been able to do only with a 4WD. It is also great news for the businesses in our office here at HD|F property as they can access the top in just few minutes and also easy walk or taxi. 

Cristina Lower, Scott’s wife said: Everyone I meet in Sigatoka town is looking forward so much to being able join to this milestone. This smooth access will also make it easy for people to visit our beautiful oceanfront property. I am sure that Douglas Rd., honoring my father-in-law who loved Fiji, will bring soon new business at HD|F like a coffee shop or even a restaurant and, most important, new owners to join our exclusive location overlooking Bulu Bay, one of the most picturesque spots on the Coral Coast.” 

The development has been designed to a high specification with stunning architecture and an attractive landscaped gardens area by Scott Lower who at the early age of 26 became renowned for his unique designed 3 story house -featured in Vogue Living magazine and Character magazine- in the beautiful award winning Eco-friendly estate of Mudgeeraba Forest, QLD – Australia. 

The agreement of both parties, FEA and Heavensdoor|Fiji was decisive to bring forward the Douglas Rd. Project (FJ$75K upgrade) after 15 years of professional relationship and 5 years of negotiations. 

Work in progress pictures, follow the link


We recommend you rent a car, ask for 4WD, all-wheel drive or SUV. 
The most popular car rental company on the Coral Coast is Coastal Rental Carswith head office based in Sigatoka, also with office inside Nadi Airport to assist with all your needs.
Remember to mention that you are guest of HD|F
Please contact:
Mr. Jeral 
Mob: 679-7778501

or Mrs. Shanista 
Mob: 679-7778530

Local Car Rentals - Coastal
Coastal Office Sigatoka tel: 679-6520228
Coastal Office Nadi tel: 679-7778526
Picture Hyundai Tucson - 5 seater, 4WD Medium Wagon: 

Also, Budget Car Rentals for these smaller 4WD vehicles:
*Picture Suzuki Vitara - 4 seater, 4 WD Medium Wagon. 
*Suzuki Jimny - 4 seater however great for 2 people (min luggage space), 4 WD Small Wagon.  

HD|F has available for rent direct a 4WD Ford Ranger Diesel Pick Up Double Cab, manual, -5 seater- (picture below) FJ$150/day which includes insurance with a FJ$1500 excess which will cover you in all situations getting around Fiji and particularly getting you up the private access road to the villa when wet. Free service which includes early check in however there is a fuel charge as per contract:

Public transport is readily available right outside HD|F. A taxi is only FD$12 to/from Sigatoka Town - HD|F.

Or, if your prefer, you can hitch: is very usual in Fiji and give you the opportunity to know why Fiji is the most friendly country in the world. A return taxi from the highway in front of 
HD|F to town for just FD$1.50!

The easiest and most economical way would be from the Nadi Airport upon arrival or you can take a taxi for aprox. FD$80-90.

For directions to HD|F please visit our GETTING THERE  link.

While in residence at HD|F, feel free to speak with us. We are always there to help you with all your needs.

Driving safety tips 

The national speed limit in Fiji is 80km/h and 50km/h in towns and cities.
There are mainly 2 lanes on Fiji roads. Vehicles are driven on the left side of the road.

Legal driving age is 17 years.
Street lights are only available near towns and cities.
Always be aware wandering stock, animals sleeping on the warm road surface, speed bumps in villages and pedestrians, particularly at night when visibility is poor. 

For your knowledge, please read carefully to make your stay pleasant, comfortable and safe:
*Emergencies: 911

*Sigatoka Town:
Dr. Rudy and Aida Gerona.
Tel.: 652-0128 at Sigatoka Valley Road facing the river a bit north of the old bridge.
They're open weekdays 07.30-16.00 / Sat. 07.30-13.00
Local doctors clinics are available, no appointments needed. Around FJD$20 per visit.

*Sigatoka Public Hospital:
1.5 km on left after leaving Sigatoka Town towards Nadi.
Tel.: 679 650 0455

European doctors available. Most advanced medical care in Fiji. Worth the 2 hour drive. Local prices.
Tel.: 679 330 3404

*Hyperchem Sigatoka Pharmacy
Shop 6 Ram and Shyam Building, Sigatoka (back of Market).
Mr. Sailesh Kumar. Tel. 679 650 1947


Fiji enjoys a mild tropical climate averaging 31º Celsius (88º F) during the summer months of November to April and 29º Celsius (84º F) during the winter months of May to October.

Fiji Dollar – FJD
Banks – ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group), Westpac, Colonial, Bank South Pacific and Bank of Baroda.

Dress is casual and informal throughout the islands. Light tropical attire such as golf shirts, short-sleeve shirts, summer dresses, T-shirts, shorts and slacks for evenings. The wraparound “sulu” (sarong) is Fiji’s most distinctive form of dress for women and men. Modest dress is advised in towns and villages.

Village Protocol 
When visiting a Fijian village there are protocols to follow. Please be respectful and mindful of these as you enter the village: 
-Hats and sunglasses are not to be worn in a village as they indicate disrespect to the chief.  
-Do not wear shoes inside buildings. 
-Women must have their knees and shoulders covered and it is respectful for men to do the same. Sulus and t-shirts are ideal for this purpose. 
-Avoid touching a Fijian person's head, as it is considered an insult. 
-When visiting a village, it is customary to take a "sevusevu" (gift) of kava root. This can be purchased from local markets and will be gift-wrapped in newspaper and twine if you advise that it is a sevusevu. About FJ$20 worth is usual. 
-You will be asked to drink kava with the villagers on arrival. It is customary to drink the bowlful in one gulp. When you have finished the contents, return the bowl and clap three times.   
-It is impolite to sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. 

The electrical current in Fiji is 240 volts AC/50 cycles. Fiji has three pin power outlets identical to Australia and New Zealand. Leading hotels and resorts offer universal outlets for 240v or 110v shavers, hair dryers, etc.

English is the official language of Fiji, however indigenous Fijians also speak Fijian and the Indo-Fijians speak Hindustani. Here are some Fijian words to get you started:

Fijian - English and (Pronunciation):
Bula - Hello (mbullah)
Good morning - Yadra (yam-drah)
Goodbye - Moce (mothey)
Thank you - Vinaka (vee naka)
Excuse me - Tulou (too low)
Yes - Io (ee oh)
No - Sega (senga) 
Fiji’s population is close to 900,000

Time Zone
GMT + 12

Tipping is not encouraged in Fiji.


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