Heavensdoor and Nature Reserve

Our Villa is situated in a natural and tranquil environment. Surrounded by a Nature Reserve, our guests enjoy game viewing, walking the nature trails and bird watching.
For mountain bikers there are several single tracks on the top of the hill connecting to
neighbouring farms and beyond.

Follow the horse trails, which meander through the jungle. While here you can explore the wild life. With its spectacular South Pacific Ocean views and the majestic surrounding mountains, a visit to
HD|F is bound to be a memorable and relaxing experience.

Our Eco-friendly vacation rental promotes environmental stewardship and natural resources with recycling programs, organic gardens -flowers, vegetables and fruits-. 
We strive to maintain nature's perfect balance. 
Our Fijian caretakers use ancestral techniques, following the phases of the moon, to ensure crops are bountiful, succulent and just-picked ready for you. 
So far we produced coconuts, papaya, guava, tomatoes, pumpkin, banana, lemons, dalo, curry, hot chili...

The most abundant plant at HD|is the Coconut Palm, many of them producing around 70 coconuts per year that we share with the neighbors of the surrounded area. 

The sweet white "meat" (coconut flesh) is eaten as is. 
When mature is grated or cooked to make "Lolo", which is used specially in Fijian fish dishes.

For more information please visit our EATING - SHOPPING page 

This plant has many uses for us as well: the coconut palm and the coconut being used for matting, fuel, utensils, decoration and furniture: the coffee table at upstairs living area of Villa "Lomalagi".  

Photo: Typical Fijian weaving at Upstairs living and Living Entry of Villa "Lomalagi"

Note: Beware of falling coconuts!

We are on a rainwater catchment system  (picture) and solar hot water with electric thermostat back up, so plenty of hot water! However, we encourage our guests to use water sparingly.
Tank water is safe for cooking, rinsing and your coffee/tea.

We recommend drinking bottled water at all times while vacationing in Fiji.
We are not isolated but just outside the residential area and are on the power grid.
And remember, save water every drop counts! 


The wet season extends from November to April. As a tropical country, short and refreshing rains fall occasionally throughout the year.
The predominant wind in Fiji is southeast, so cross ventilation in Villa "Lomalagi" is a most welcome treat. Insects are less prevalent when the south east trades wind blow.

Our Villa Lomalagi is not located in the jungle, but in a very priviledge place sitting at the top of the hill surrounded by pampered gardens and smooth breezes which keep insects away from the patio areas and keep your skin cooler and therefore less attractive to mosquitos.

We have fly screens installed at doors and windows to avoid little frogs, geckos, moths, etc.. in the evenings. Please make sure all screen doors are closed before dusk. 

The magical setting for your special events includes citronella torches and we also supply mosquito coils at the time of check-in.

Our dog 'Pedro' keeps away any sort of small fauna ie mongooses. We never saw snakes or big scary bugs. 

As a self-catering house, we recommend our guests to follow our welcome letter instructions about how to handle food scraps and keeping Villa Lomalagi clean to avoid flyes. 

Respecting our philosophy and environment, we do not use insecticides or pesticides.

(Photo courtesy of our guest Brittany E.)

Fiji offers many experiences including sustainable Eco-tourism as trek, swim or bird watch in national parks and reserves.
Observe Fijian craftspeople create mats, "masi" (tapa) hats, fans and baskets from natural material.
Do you prefer your holiday a little racier? Trek mountain trails, swim   under a waterfall, visit caves, whitewater rafting, kayaking..
For more info please visit our ACTIVITIES page 

(Photo courtesy of our guest Brittany E.)

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